Heroism: My reaction to the recent Hercules movie (Dwayne Johnson)

Warning: If you explore this blog you’ll learn of Human Rights Violations against the disabled and Living Nightmares in the United States.

I wanted to share what caught me off guard about the Dwayne Johnson “Hercules” movie.

(Spoilers ahead)

Initially, I expected a typical Hollywood action movie, a cash in on a franchise.  I had low expectations.   In some ways it still was, but this was a different take on Hercules and managed to move me in a way I did not expect.

In this version of the story, all the godly accomplishments seemed to be man-made hype.  It seemed Hercules was just a very muscular ordinary man.

Without going into too much detail, there was a certain moment near the end of the movie that just caused me to start weeping, and by the time the credits rolled, I couldn’t hold back and wept uncontrollably for a little bit.

The underlying story was that you didn’t have to be the Son of a God to be a hero, you just had to believe strongly enough.  This is a lesson I would like to think I have learned this year, that I know others are capable of learning, and I desperately wish they would awaken.

Because without everyone else, the majority will be bystanders to a collapse by leaving it to a minority of people to struggle to take care of.  To put it all on the shoulders of a few, when the burden is only increasing.  Sometimes those standing up seem to be invisible to most.

This year, I have charged forward despite all the fear and doubt I felt.  I have been pushing myself like never before, breaking through old limitations that used to shackle me, dragging the chains along.  Not because I had any faith in myself though, I had faith that what I was doing is right.  I felt I had to do it, and that was enough to charge into it all despite the pain and misery I feel.  It’s required me to take on tremendous amounts of stress all year, to defy my own nature willingly.

But I feel overwhelmed by feelings of failure now.  I have the feeling that many who stand for justice seem to have a narrow focus, and don’t seem to recognize injustice or indignity unless there’s a media frenzy to go with it or they can personally relate.  Many people have the right values, but seem to be waiting for something.

While I think there are good people standing for something, the heroes I wish existed remain firmly in the realm of romantic idealized fiction.

Growing up, stories of heroes and better values always inspired me.  Now, it’s almost hard to watch them sometimes.  They feel like dreams that are impossible now, almost like seeing loved ones that are no longer here, I start to weep at that which once inspired me.

Maybe I haven’t given it enough time to have an effect, or maybe I’m just a fool.

-Chris “Stargazer”


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