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Got one of my Cards? Wondering why I was trying to start something similar to the NOH8 photo campaign to raise awareness of abuse of disabled students involving electric shock? Wondering what #CloseTheJRC is about? Scroll down to post 2 in the index and/or read the survivor story beneath it.  It’s my hope that you’ll learn about these issues and help spread the word.  My #CloseTheJRC sign can be downloaded [here]. I recommend using card stock paper or similar. I only ask that no one claim creation of the sign.

**Works in Progress**

Warnings in the About page.

Index of Main Pages:

About this Blog (2014)

1. Where I’m coming from and how I got PTSD in the first place. How it nearly ruined my life. (2014)

2. Further down the Rabbit Hole, Re-traumatized. My reaction to JRC’s Nightmares and more on PTSD. The place the United Nations condemned for it’s use of torture on students. (2014) [You’ll probably want to start here, though the issues are much bigger and complex. My original reaction to seeing the court released footage]

2.1 JRC Survivor Letter (via Lydia Brown) (2013)

2.2 Former JRC Employee Testimony detailing “Torture”(via Lydia Brown) (2013)

2.3 [NEW] The Freedom of Information Act, The FDA and a Recap Including Controversy [2016]

2.4 Lydia Brown’s Updated Living JRC Archive [August 2016]

[If you don’t know who Lydia Brown is, check out this Whitehouse post]

3. My take on describing Sensory Overload using some pop culture references. (2014)

4. Into the Disability Underworld: When Schools become Dangerous and Lethal. The Nationwide problem of Restraint, Seclusion and beyond. (2014)

5.  When disability is criminalized and punished. Adult Bullies in our schools (2015)

Other Topics: Supplementary, Creative, Off Topic, Etc.

What I always loved about Star Trek. Tolerance to difference. (2014)

Heroism: My unexpected reaction to the recent Hercules movie (Dwayne Johnson) (2014)

The shorter posts below this index assume knowledge of the above pages or may simply be personal thoughts. They can also be found on the side panel.  I will try to label them accordingly from now on (December 15th, 2014).

Still getting familiar with WordPress. Open to suggestions.

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