Trigger Warnings:

I intend to blog about serious problems that are not easy to read about.  This is NOT Child friendly.

This includes:  Bullying, Depression, Suicide, Trauma, Human Rights Violations, Torture, Culture, Psychology, PTSD, Disabilities, Education etc and I don’t intend to censor myself much, just being honest.

Based out of the USA.  I had not intended to start a blog, but in recent years I have realized there still isn’t enough advocacy for people with developmental disorders and disabilities(Which I prefer to call differences). There are not enough voices from those on the Autistic Spectrum.  There are Legal Human Rights Violations, Punishments and Stigmatization that go on out of Ignorance.  While there are many good organizations and other good blogs out there, I could not in good conscience remain silent and fearful any longer.   I value my privacy, but I don’t see much choice if I want to live to see better days for all.

I had delayed speech, poor fine motor skills, trouble translating skills learned in one environment to another, I have many issues with sensory and I could use a computer before I could tie my shoes.  I was diagnosed with labels like Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, ADHD(when I was a kid, not so Hyperactive after PTSD) language disorder(but good at adaptation which made it harder to detect) and finally Asperger’s Syndrome was suggested in my 20s(from someone new who did not know my as a child nor my history). I call them labels because it is not an exact science, there is no concrete laboratory test and should not be used to stereotype or conform to.  By the time I was receiving occupational therapy, the prevalence of Autism was thought to be 1 in 10,000.

I have PTSD as a result of my childhood experiences with bullying, ignorant school officials and others that saw me as flawed which has taken me years to improve on. While others are bullied for liking things like Star Trek or Star Wars, I and others like me are prime targets of bullies simply because we were born, behave and learn different.  There is greater vulnerability.  Bullying isn’t exclusive to children who don’t know better either.

I used to believe that things couldn’t possibly be as bad as they are today, what I went through was over 20 years ago.  Yet much hasn’t changed and has become worse in some cases. While there are pockets of progress, nightmares endure.  I’m adding my voice because others should not have to go through these things.

I may also make posts about Game Design, CG Film making, Computer Graphics, Politics, Philosophical thoughts and theories.  I plan to ask questions that I don’t expect to find answers to.

While I do care deeply, when I’m not depressed(which is chronic ever since then) I find myself becoming cynical and sarcastic more than I would like, I have a tendency to rant and can be long-winded.  This is my personal blog, meaning it’s also full of opinions and observations,  however I will try to keep more serious topics separated from less important topics.

“Normal Is Just An Average”

I chose this title for my blog because I see so much focus on popularity and conformity to stereotypes in the culture.  Every person is different and unique.  Normal is just an averaging of the most common variables.  You don’t have to act or like what “everyone else” does just because it is socially popular.  Think different, be unique and genuine.  The world would be a very boring place if everyone looked the same, acted the same and liked the same things.

We judge too much based on what “Normal” is and fear the unknown and the divergent.  Sometimes to extremes that deeply damage people and infringe on rights that should apply to all Human beings.

-Chris “Stargazer”


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