Blog update: Disability Underworld Rewrite coming eventually. 2014 Frustrations.

I feel like I tried to put too much into one page, and actually left some things out, like filicide(when a parent kills their child) and how all to often, the victim is blamed for their own murder.

I’m planning to break it into smaller posts.  I feel that’s the way to go in order to do these topics justice. I really want to nail the Restraint and Seclusion issue badly, because the Keeping All Students Safe Act (Here and Here) has once again died, it didn’t even make it past committee this time.  This is beyond immoral. Both Senators have retired, not good.

Disabled Lives Matter, but apparently the stigma is so much worse than I imagined,  in a time when people are seeking justice and equality more than ever, the double standards I’m seeing are so extreme that I think I’m living in the Twilight Zone.

My efforts traveling to conventions to raise awareness last year left me extremely frustrated and demoralized.  This has not helped with my depression,  that’s for sure.  I thought getting out and doing something would make a difference.

I keep putting my big anti-bullying post further behind even though it is more than halfway complete in order to write other posts because I’m so frustrated and feel the need to make some other points.  Bullying is at least getting a lot of attention already.

It is so utterly frustrating when people can’t read the amount of stress I am in from sensory overload.  I was starting to worry I could have a meltdown, which would have been the first in my adult life.

All I ask of people is to share links like the JRC petition or the recent interview with Jennifer, whom endured 7 years of torture at JRC.  Share for the broader issue of Restraint and Seclusion.

Honestly, just sharing it on social media would make a difference, I’m not asking people to give money or join an organization, just point out that there are people speaking out, and not being heard.  It should be “Nothing About Us Without Us”  but the reality is “Everything About Us Without Us” like we don’t exist, as far as the general public is concerned.

Ask the same question, Why? Why is all of this happening? Why is the DOJ investigation silent after all these years? Why hasn’t the FDA banned shocks? Why is traumatizing and killing disabled kids in school not enough to get National Laws?

You can see the voices of many autistic people on the hashtag  #notmssng , which is in protest of the #mssng hashtag that implies we are missing somehow.

I know people are reading, but I can never tell if anyone is sharing anything. I know many are just as powerless as I am to raise this to a bigger audience. It’s not as if I’m the only one trying either.  So I may put up a poll at some point for curiosity’s sake.

Posts are in the works, but I’ve been busy being sick, going to doctors and planning my next trip, Wizard World Portland.  I’ve been having this strange balance issue that started at the Star Trek Convention I went to in San Francisco last month. The sensation of falling or being in an elevator going up most of the time, or sometimes going down. Fun stuff.

I share Leelah Alcorn’s final sentiment.  “Fix Society”.

-Chris “Stargazer”


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