Blog: Pondering this TED Talk on the importance of social connection, some other news.

Doesn’t bode well for me, 20ish years of social isolation for the most part.  “Worse than smoking”  etc.  Consciously I’ve mostly overcome the desire to be included and valued.  But I can’t say the same of subconsciously, might explain a great deal.  So many contributing overlapping factors it’s hard to tell.

Meanwhile I read this news about Seinfeld.

That’s extremely disheartening to see it created that much trouble for a celebrity to say something positive about Autism.  That’s part of the reason many people are suffering today.  I keep trying to find the strength to accept an isolated existence, and it depresses the hell out of me sometimes.

Meanwhile, the reports of CIA enhanced interrogation tactics have some striking similarities to what is considered “approved therapy” for people with Autism or other differences, disorders or illnesses. Locking children in dark rooms and leaving them there, with no bathroom, etc.  Beatings, Take downs. Forced stripping, forced to wear diapers, humiliation,  etc.

I can tell you being “warehoused” in school and neglected by teachers was not therapeutic for me.  Not nearly as bad as others are being treated today.  Still, I’m still living with it. It’s still part of me.

How do we end these nightmares? What prevents them from just becoming more secretive?

Out of town again, but still writing upcoming posts.


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