Apologies for the extended silence.

I Just got back home from being out of town..

Went to a comic con trying and probably failing to raise awareness,  at best I might have momentarily picked someone’s interest.  I know it’s not the most ideal place to go, but when the system has failed time and time again,  I look to others that have bigger a voice than I do, even though I know in reality they’re just normal people too.

It’s ironic that victims are the most invisible and voiceless unless someone helps shine a light into the dark from time to time.  That’s all I’m looking for, an ally that is by the circumstances of society/culture, in a good position to help in ways I can not possibly.  I feel like a massive fool, but I try anyways.

Was also house hunting but I fear it’s all too expensive.  I feel pretty stuck, certainly not as much as others.  At least I can do this much.

I have several posts in the pipeline, some of which are half written already, some of which is already written in my mind.  Trying not to let the negativity take me down and become overly cynical.

I am not trying to promote my blog directly, mainly just want to see these causes get more visibility..  Though I’m learning that even the most visible problems tend to go ignored and neglected unless there’s enough voices involved keeping the pressure up.  How can justice be so blind?  I still remember all those years I thought it was just me, an isolated case.. Not worrying because I expected with the internet things would have to be better by now..

More than anything I am just sad these days.  Sad about the state of things.  It would be so much easier to just look away, and become willfully blind.  Go back to playing video games and spending money on upgrades I don’t need, forget the rest of the world, etc.

If you missed it, my post on the Nationwide use of Restraint and Seclusion is up, among other issues.  Might do a little editing now that I’m back, add a few more photos.




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