I haven’t gone anywhere, currently working on my next big post.

Currently just organizing thoughts.  My first post was also about providing perspective on the case I’m writing about next, which also relates to PTSD.

Posts being planned after the next one:

Planning a big post on my theories on the underlying causes of Bullying.

A post on cultural patterns that highly relates to bullying.

Also planning a post about how certain 3D scanning and new cloud based rendering methods could empower independent film makers, by taking advantage of certain combinations of technology that I believe can and will provide a real competition for Hollywood on a much lower budget.  So hopefully in the future we’ll never have to see a show like Firefly canceled again and controlled by some studio instead of it’s creator.  I see a lot of great unemployed talent out there too that would likely work for less or would gladly work to bring a show back to life, given the recent successes with crowdfunding and other unofficial productions.

I still have plenty of creative ideas and am paying attention even though I’m inactive.



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